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Batman With A Facemask Delivers Food And Joy To People [Video]



  • An anonymous man dresses up as Batman and roams around Santiago, Chile, to give food to homeless people in the streets.
  • Aside from delivering food, he is also giving laughter and joy to those who see him.
  • Santiago, Chile, is so lucky to have a real-life Batman amidst this difficult time of pandemic.

Seemed like Batman left Gotham City temporarily to watch over the people of Santiago, Chile.

There have been reports that he was seen lurking in the shadows of the city but not necessarily to fight crimes, rather, to bring food to the homeless people in the streets. 

Of course he also uses his batmobile — a white SUV for this instance — filled with hot meals!

Needless to say, he also wears his all black costume because Batman ain’t Batman if he’s not wearing his Batman attire — only that this time, he also wears a mask, for additional protection from the unseen enemy!

This real-life hero is doing the best that he can in order to take care of the most vulnerable people in his city during the month-long lockdown.

You see, he does not only deliver food to people in need, he also brings laughter and joy to those who see him! And in this difficult time of pandemic, to find happiness and still smile is what we need the most every day.

Photo Credit: China Daily

The reason why he’s chosen the Batman costume is because he wanted to give hope to people in the middle of these dark times.

“Look around you, see if you can dedicate a little time, a little food, a little shelter, a word sometimes of encouragement to those who need it,” he told Reuters.

And just like the mysterious character in the DC movies, he wanted to keep his true identity hidden from the public. 


Whoever he is behind the mask, he is indeed, at the end of the day, bringing hope and happiness to his whole community. 

“It is appreciated…from one human to another,” says Simon Salvador, one of the many people this real-life Batman helped. 

How lucky is Santiago to have a real hero? We need more heroes all over the world!

Source: Tank’s Good News