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‘Best pup’ gets bored during wedding photoshoot and runs into lake [Video]



  • Jax was so proud to be the “best pup” at his parents’ wedding.
  • He did his utmost to be on his best behavior all throughout the ceremony.
  • But he eventually got tired during the wedding photoshoot, and decided to go for a swim!

Meet Jax. He was on his best behavior for his parents’ wedding day, especially because he’s the “best pup.”

Photo Credit: Alex Simon Productions

He became beloved by everyone, as he was on his best behavior. It helps that he was looking so dapper with his bowtie!

Everything was going as smoothly as can be, and wedding photographer Alex Simon got some beautiful photos and videos.

But as anyone who’s been to a wedding has learned, photoshoots can take a long while. It can be very tiring to pose and smile for hours.

It was during these long photoshoots that Jax zoned out and took a breath to admire the scenery.

That huge body of water over there seemed awfully refreshing, and it seemed to beckon him.

Photo Credit: The Farmer’s Daughters & Son

And so, Jax gave in to the water’s calling.

It was time for a swim, he decided.

He excused himself from the photoshoot and ran toward the lake, away from his fellow groomsmen.


The groomsmen tried to run after him and catch him before he reaches the water.

But alas, no one can stop this water-loving dog from making a splash.

Photographer Alex Simon shared, “We all found it hysterical. He just had to find his chance and he took it!”

'Best pup' gets bored during wedding photoshoot and runs into lake
Photo Credit: Alex Simon Productions

Jax did his best to behave all throughout the ceremony, so he deserves some relaxation time.

It definitely made for a memorable moment — it was a good thing that it was all caught on video!

Source: The Dodo