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Blind Shelter Pup Finally Found Her Forever Home! [Video]



  • Ellen and her daughter Honora went to the animal shelter to volunteer. 
  • That’s where they met Vickie — a blind pup who has never found her forever home after many years. 
  • They decided to adopt the poor girl and finally give her a loving family who will care for her despite her challenging condition.

It’s always difficult to find a loving family for a dog with special needs because many of them have to be given extra attention, care, and training, which would be quite challenging for potential parents. 

Such is the case of Vickie — a 7-year-old blind pup surrendered at Plainfield Area Humane Society in Plainfield, New Jersey.

Blind Dog Stuck In Shelter For 6 Years Is So Happy To Get Out

Blind dog was spinning circles in her shelter kennel for 6 YEARS — until now ❤️️Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, 19 May 2020

For years, the shelter did their best to find her a family who’d accept her but they failed all the time. Nobody wanted to take in an untrained dog who has challenges on her own. Vickie is charming, yes, but she has been in the shelter for many years. 

The cute pup developed a habit of circling around inside her kennel because she had tons of energy to burn. While volunteers loved her and gave her the attention she needed, the poor girl’s hope of finding a forever home is still bleak.

That’s until a mother and daughter came in one day and changed the story of her life!

Photo Credit: Vickie The Pit (Facebook)

Ellen and her daughter, Honora, initially volunteered for the shelter and when they met Vickie, they were captivated by how adorable she is despite her condition. They felt bad that she had never found a loving family after many years. 

“My daughter started to cry, saying, ‘We can’t just leave her, we have to do something,’” Ellen said. 

Photo Credit: Vickie The Pit (Facebook)

So they frequented their visits and made sure Vickie was okay. They took her out for walks and the pup warmed up to them quickly. They also started training her and teaching her some tricks. Amazingly, Vickie was quick to learn and eager to impress! 

“With Honora and I, Vickie has given us a common thread,” Ellen said. “She’s just a goofy little dog who needs us. She’s just a lovely, sweet goofball, and I think she should understand what unconditional love is.”

Photo Credit: Vickie The Pit (Facebook)

After a few months, the mother and daughter decided it’s time to bring Vickie home and make her officially part of the family! 

It certainly was difficult to care for Vickie being blind, but they’re beating every challenge that came their way, with patience and love for the pup. 

“Vickie will just have love heaped on her, and she will never need or want anything as long as she lives,” Ellen said.

Source: Inspire More