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Bonzo the Buff Dog Carries A Dumbbell Wherever He Goes [Video]



  • Bonzo is not like other dogs because he likes carrying heavy things. His favorite — a 30-pound dumbbell.
  • Derek Plante, Bonzo’s owner, gives him heavy chew toys, but he most often goes for the dumbbell when guests are over.
  • Derek’s niece thinks maybe Bonzo feels like he needs to show off.

Bonzo is a big, brawny dog. Unlike other dogs who like the usual squeaky toys, his tastes lean considerably more on the heavy side.

Bonzo lives with his dad, Derek Plante, in Rhode Island. One day, when Derek was lifting weights a few years back, Bonzo tried lifting the weights too, with his mouth. That’s when he discovered what soon became one of his favorite playthings — a 30-pound dumbbell.

“He always liked something he could carry that was heavy,” Plante told The Dodo.

The 30-pound dumbbell sure fits the description.

Photo Credit: Yesenia Rego

Derek’s niece, Yesenia Rego, had heard about Bonzo’s favorite toy and she got to see it firsthand during a gathering at her uncle’s house.

When Bonzo decided to join the party, he came carrying the dumbbell — an impressive display of strength for all to see. 

“I think the best way to describe him is a ‘meathead,’” Yesenia told The Dodo. “Others have described him as ‘the most yoked dog I’ve ever seen.’”

Photo Credit: Yesenia Rego

Bonzo carries the dumbbell in such a way as to not hurt himself in the process.

“He holds it just behind his front teeth, on his gums in between the front and back teeth,” Yesenia said. “He’s been doing this all the time for years.”

Photo Credit: Yesenia Rego

Derek said he usually satisfies Bonzo’s desire for something heavy by giving him weighty chew toys However, he most often goes for the dumbbell only when guests are over. But Yesenia has a theory.

“I think he maybe feels like he needs to show off,” she said.

Source: The Dodo