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Border Collie’s Adorable Reaction to Owner’s Departure Wins Hearts



Quick Smiles:

  • A 10-year-old border collie named Leo gives an endearing reaction when his owner prepares to leave for a week-long work trip.
  • The video of Leo’s reaction has garnered over 3.4 million views on TikTok, with viewers sharing their heartfelt responses.
  • While his owner was away, Leo was taken care of by her family, ensuring he was in good hands.

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A delightful moment was captured on camera when Leo, a 10-year-old border collie, realized his owner was about to leave for a week-long work trip. The early morning departure was made even more difficult by Leo’s charming behavior.

“Ever since I bought him his new bed he’s made the silliest sleepy faces when awoken, but this reaction was different,” the owner shared with Newsweek.

In the video, a drowsy Leo struggles to keep his eyes open as he gazes at his owner. His tail gently wagging, even hitting his own face in the process, as he listens to his owner explain her departure and return.

“I’ve never seen him so sleepy to the point he was hitting his own face with his tail lol. He was definitely intently listening to me the whole time while I was telling him to be a good boy and how long I would be gone for,” the owner elaborated.


The charming video was shared on TikTok under the handle @leo_thebordercollie and has since been viewed more than 3.4 million times. The comments section was flooded with viewers sharing their reactions and thoughts.

“His eyes are soo sincere,” one commenter wrote. Another urged the owner to “quit your job and never leave that precious face again.” A third viewer chimed in: “Trips canceled, stay home with the lil guy!”

This isn’t the first time a dog’s reaction to being left alone has caught the internet’s attention. Earlier this month, a pit bull named Damon gained viral attention when he was caught on camera messing up his owner’s bed and howling for her return. Similarly, an American bully named Dex showed off his vocal skills after being left alone, prompting her owner to rush home and take her straight out for a walk.

While Leo’s owner was away, she ensured that he was well taken care of by her family. “Of course it broke my heart knowing he wouldn’t know how long of a duration it would be,” she admitted. “I’m sure other dog lovers felt the same when leaving their pets for a vacation so that’s why I shared it and of course because his reaction to me saying bye was so sweet.”