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Bored Penguins Enjoy Chasing Bubbles [Video]



  • As it turned out, we humans are not the only creatures on earth who got a little bored amid pandemic — so were the animals.
  • Like for example the Humboldt penguins in the Newquay Zoo in England who are very sociable birds and without visitors, they have become bored.
  • In order to keep them busy and their wild instincts sharp, the zoo used the donated bubble machine to keep the penguins entertained!

Amid the pandemic, we humans are not the only ones who got a little bored as we adjust to the “new normal” — zoo animals too, who also have new routines they need to adjust with.

The Humboldt penguins in the Newquay Zoo located inside the Trenance Leisure Park in Newquay, England, can attest to that. 

These all-time visitor-favorites among the 130 different animals in the zoo, are very sociable birds. They just love interacting with people and making kids happy. That’s why when the zoo was temporarily shut down following the safety protocols in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the adorable penguins were clearly bored and sad.

So the caretakers have been finding unique ways to entertain them, keep them sharp, and train them to develop their natural behavior in the wild.

Then they remembered, back in 2014, they discovered how the penguins love bubbles and chasing them! So they added the bubble maker to their Amazon wishlist and then someone donated it to them just right on time!

In a video that the Newquay Zoo shared on their social media page, the penguins were so jolly chasing the bubbles floating in the air.

Photo Credit: @newquayzoo (Instagram)

Dan Trevelyan, one of the zookeepers, said that these birds are naturally predators and chasing the bubbles help them sharpen their wild instincts and reflexes. 

At the same time, the bubbles are absolutely environment-friendly because they are nontoxic, clean, and fun!

Photo Credit: @newquayzoo (Instagram)

Thanks to the caring person who bought the machine for these adorable creatures! May God bless you more!

Source: Inspire More