Butcher Shop Owner Feeds Hungry Stray Cats and Dogs Everyday [Video]

  • Stray cats and dogs would beg every day for food at Ikram Korkmazer’s butcher shop.
  • Yeşim the cat was the only one who came inside and started a feeding routine with the shop owner.
  • When Yeşim died, Ikram Korkmazer continued feeding stray animals and shared this love on Instagram and TikTok which gained him thousands of followers.

Ikram Korkmazer’s butcher shop was meant for humans.  But a stray cat led him to feed all the four-legged ones who came to his shop begging for food. He even named his shop after the stray cat: Yeşim Meat Gallery.

Stray animals would pass by his store and gaze at the display.  There would be seven to eight cats and ten dogs waiting but it was Yeşim who first went inside and asked for food.  As the people in Turkey are known for their love of animals, Ikram did not have the heart to turn Yeşim away.

Photo Credit: TikTok

And thus, the routine started. Ikram recalled,  “When she gave birth to a kitten, she started bringing it to my workplace — they came together.  She would stand on two legs, look at the meat on the counter, and ask for meat. She started to come to ask for food five or six times a day, standing on two legs.”

Sadly, Yeşim has gone on to the rainbow bridge but her impact on Ikram continued.  The shop even bears her name.  And Ikram continues to feed the stray animals who need sustenance every day.

When Ikram started sharing videos of his animal clients, the viewers could not help but get hooked. Ikram has over 500k followers on TikTok and over 100k on Instagram.

Ikram’s love for animals has taken the world by storm and even encouraged them to be kind to animals.  His human clients even help in feeding the strays who come to the shop.

To which Ikram is happy. He said, “I have instilled the love for animals in this world. And it makes me proud to introduce Turkey as an animal-loving country. I have 4 billion people watching my videos, and they are still watching.”

May you live long and prosper, Ikram!  Your four-legged family is grateful for you!

Source: Inspire More

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