Cat Caught On Camera Launching Anti-Sleep Campaign Against Mom and Dad [Video]

  • Cat’s parents have been getting sleepless nights from constant interruptions from their cat, Ash.
  • The cat has launched an anti-sleep campaign on them by swinging at their faces or meowing loudly until they wake up.
  • The cat’s parents set up a camera which captured how the cat sleeps between them in inconvenient positions and sniping at them, making them and viewers laugh.

In a little over a month after her new family adopted her, Ash’s parents have already established that she hates it when her parents sleep.

And now, the cat has been on a more than year-long relentless campaign to not let them sleep.  The cat’s parents decided to set up a camera to know why they end up with scratches on their faces, why there are toys underneath them and the most obvious of all— their lack of sleep.


Replying to @devonmarie15 for those wondering why we have a camera above our bed: we were waking up with scratches on our face and her toys underneath us, and we wanted to figure out what she was up to! Safe to say, we have a good idea now 😂🤍 #fyp #foryoupage #catsoftiktok

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These are just Ash’s different strategies to keep them awake.  To add to that, she swings at her father’s face without leaving a mark.  For her mom Lauren, she meows at her face and lies on top of her.  And for both, scream-meow until one of them wakes up.  This is her and the most preferred method. Ash would not stop and demands to be acknowledged before she stops. 

And when she gets their attention, she plops down between them in bed and in the most awkward places.

Photo Credit: @laurenjenel12 (TikTok)

The camera was able to capture all the funny ways that Ash has been terrorizing her parents.  And viewers all over the world are laughing!   They left hilarious comments that ranged from, ‘My cat/dog does that too,’ to ‘She’s not waking you up, you two are waking her up,’” according to Lauren.

And for Lauren, the laughter that Ash has brought into their lives and to all the people who have seen the video, makes all the sleepless nights worth it. And they would not trade Ash for anything in the world.

Photo Credit: @laurenjenel12 (TikTok)

Uhm, Ash, can you give your parents a break once in a while? 😊

Source: The Dodo

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Have you considered your cat, being a nocturnal critter, simply thinks you should be awake to play with her when she’s awake? Perhaps a playmate might help? If it helps any, they do tend to settle down as they mature, but at what age, & how that happens is as individual as the cat is, so I can’t offer a time table, but I can tell you my 15 yr old cat is most apt to play just after dusk, just before dawn, and between 0200-0300. 10 yrs ago she was a lot more active, but she does still like her toys. Keep the noisy ones out of the bedroom.