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“Cat Outside The Window” Keeps Family’s Dog Barking All Night Long [Video]



  • A mom was awakened by their dog Alexa barking at something outside their window.
  • When she checked, there was nothing that was disturbing their chickens but Alexa kept on barking.
  • When the mom woke up the next day, she learned that the cat printed on the cat food bag was leaning towards their window and looked like a giant cat.

Christina Bingman was already sleeping when she heard their dog Alexa give out a ‘something’s out there’ bark around 2am.  She forced herself to get up and look at what was going on outside.  She checked on their chickens outside but there was nothing there that disturbed it.  It was just Alexa barking at something at the window.

And all throughout the wee hours of the morning, Alexa kept on woofing.  Bingman also had to check from time to time what Alexa was so agitated about.  She could not figure out what it was and decided to just go back to sleep.

When she woke up several hours later, her kids had already solved the mystery.

Photo Credit: Christina Ringman

Bingman said, “I discovered that she was actually barking at the bag of cat food once the family had woken up for the day.” She continued, “My youngest told me to look at the window and laughed at how real the cat on the bag looked, and how giant it was. Then it clicked for me what Alexa had been trying to tell me. There was a giant cat staring in the window at her all night.”

The cat food bag was leaning against the window which to Alexa, looked like a giant cat peeking at their house.  And that was what Alexa was telling her all night long!   Bingman said it really made her laugh to think of the reason why Alexa was not shutting up.

Photo Credit: Christina Ringman

Now that they know the reason for Alexa’s all-night barking, they can now move the cat food bag out of Alexa’s eyesight so they could all sleep peacefully.

Source: The Dodo