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Caught On Camera: Black Cat Keeps Spying On Owner [Video]



  • Lola, a black cat, was caught sneakily staring at her owner several times.
  • She has been keeping an eye on her owner while hiding from a cardboard box, some curtains, and even through the door crack!
  • Social media users jokingly warned her owner to remain vigilant since she may be “plotting” something.

Black cats have been referred to as “creatures of the void,” but while it’s a term of endearment, these “void-sent” creatures can be downright spooky when they want to. They are even associated with bad luck and black magic in most parts of the world! One black cat gave such an ominous vibe that TikTok users (jokingly) warned her owner to “remain on high alert.”

Take a look for yourself and decide whether Lola the cat is indeed “plotting” something sinister:

Lola has been sneakily keeping an eye on her owner through a cardboard box, some curtains, and even through the door crack!

The video, posted on January 19, has since received over 4 million views, 586,000 likes, and 15,000 comments.

TikTok viewers wondered if Lola was spying on the owner. But according to the CIA, cats were bad at spying!

Photo Credit: Antonino Billardello/Unsplash

The CIA apparently staged a secret “Operation Acoustic Kitty” that deployed cats as mobile spying devices. Equipped with a microphone and radio transmitter, a cat would be trained to sit near foreign officials to spy on their conversation.

But an operation turned into tragedy when a cat wandered off into the road and was run over.

Still, TikTok viewers can’t be too certain that Lola isn’t a spy.


One viewer commented, “That cat spying on you [for real].” Another agreed that she’s “plotting” against her owner. A third comment read, “I’m not saying you could be in danger but… that void is up to something.”

Black Cat Keeps Spying On Owner
Photo Credit: TikTok/lolathesassycat

One viewer shared that they scare too easily, so they can’t have a cat because moments like these might just give them a heart attack. Another shared their hometown’s beliefs: “In Africa we call that monitoring spirit or village people.”

It turns out that the superstitions surrounding black cats are different, according to a 2021 survey by the pet food company ACANA.

Among 2,000 cat owners in America, four in 10 believed that black cats brought good luck, while only two in 10 believed the opposite. One in 10 owners has a black cat while a quarter describes the cats as “extremely quirky.”

Source: Newsweek