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Cheeky Dog Forces Dad to Wade into the Pond in His Underwear To Get Her to Leave the Fountain [Video]



  • Bella is one water-loving playful dog — she just can’t resist splashing around water.
  • One day at the park, she spotted a fountain that she just wouldn’t leave behind, even when it was already time to go home.
  • Her dad was forced to wade into the pond in his underwear just to go and fetch her!

Meet Bella — a playful dog who absolutely loves splashing around water. She’s a cheeky one, however, and she doesn’t like being told.

Photo Credit: Kane Baker

Just the other day, her family was taking a leisurely stroll in a park near their England home when Bella spotted the best thing there — a fountain.

Of course she wouldn’t pass that up! Who wouldn’t love to play around that spouting water?

Kane Baker, Bella’s dad, told The Dodo: “As you can see, Bella is having the time of her life. Whenever she sees water that she can play in, there’s no stopping her.”

Photo Credit: Tia Baker

Watching Bella enjoy herself is a sight to watch.

The problem was, though, is that she never wanted to leave.

After a lot of time has passed, the Bakers attempted to call for her so they could go home, but she just wouldn’t budge.


Kane recalled, “We tried to entice her by pretending to throw her favorite toy. We also tried shouting her name and pretending to walk away to see if she would follow. But that didn’t work.”

Seeing no other option, Baker realized he had to go in to get Bella out. And with that, he began to strip down to his underwear.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Steve Pye

“In all honesty, it was just sheer embarrassment,” Kane shared.

And the embarrassing situation was all caught on video by a friend who happened to be passing by:

Kane BakerPosted by Steve Pye on Thursday, May 21, 2020

Apparently, Kane had already been in the same situation before, so he knew that wading in was the only way to fetch Bella.

Kane shared, “I had to do this once before, where the exact same thing happened. I had to go in after her, as she would not leave. We tried waiting it out to see what would happen, but she was enjoying herself way too much to just give up.”

Kane’s sister, Tia, told The Dodo, “He knew he had to do it again. I found it funny, mainly because I didn’t have to go into that water.”

The situation may have been embarrassing, but Kane has no hard feelings — he absolutely loves Bella.

Photo Credit: Kane Baker

“At the end of the day, everyone had a laugh. I think everyone needed that, particularly in times like these,” Kane remarked.

Bella’s fountain adventures may have discouraged Kane from visiting that park again. But Kane is thinking up a plan for the next time they wind up there again.


“I’ll try and convince someone else to go in to get her. But I’ll bring a towel just in case,” Kane shared.

Source: The Dodo