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Chihuahua Hates Getting Picked Up so Owner has to Use an ‘Elevator’ [Video]



  • Madi, like many chihuahuas, has a very sassy and spoiled attitude.
  • She has a particular dislike of getting picked up directly, so her family has devised another way.
  • They place a pillow in front of her to step into and sit in while they transport the pillow up — like an elevator!

Madi, an 11-year-old chihuahua, has a clear vision of what she wants. Aside from liking only “a few select people in her life,” she also has a “pretty sassy” and spoiled attitude!

Photo Credit: Serena Hodson

“One second she is cute and wants all the cuddles in the world, and the next second she wants absolutely nothing to do with you,” said her mom, Serena Hodson. “She will have an attitude if something doesn’t go her way!”

On the very top of her long list of dislikes is being picked up directly. Whenever her mom tries to lift her up with her hands, Madi would try to bite her.

But the tiny chihuahua can’t reach the couch or bed on her own! Serena had tried to temporarily cover her with a blanket to prevent biting, but it was too heartbreaking for her to do. Thankfully, her dad came up with a much better method: the “elevator.”

Every time Madi wishes to get up the couch or bed, they would place a pillow on the floor in front of Madi, who will then hop onto it. The pillow can then be lifted up while she sits on it, and it looks like she hopped on an elevator.

Serena found it hilarious since the pup could not learn any of the basic tricks, but somehow was able to learn this neat trick.

“It is really cute, because she gets really excited to be lifted up and will prance around the room because she can’t control her excitement,” she added.

Madi has since “gotten a lot better with accepting being held, she just prefers the ‘elevator’ method,” Serena shared.

Photo Credit: Serena Hodson

Madi, like many chihuahuas, is a very tiny dog with a huge personality that may overwhelm others. While Serena’s TikTok viewers may find Madi to be too much for them to handle, Serena loves her very much and has all the patience for her.

Check out Madi’s feisty antics on Instagram and TikTok.

Source: The Dodo