Couple Launches Pet Food Pantry after Chance Encounter

Pet Food Pantry

  • Kenneth Gonsalves was deeply troubled when he spotted a stranger counting his loose change at the store to purchase just one can of pet food.
  • The encounter inspired him and his wife to set up a pet food pantry in their farm stand near their home — and it was a huge hit!
  • Hundreds have since visited the pantry, and people all over the country were also inspired to do the same.

A chance encounter at the store inspired a couple from Acushnet, Massachusetts, to set up a pet food pantry to help pet parents who are struggling to buy food for their pets.

Acushnet Pet Food Pantry
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Kenneth Gonsalves was at the store one day when he spotted a stranger counting his loose change to purchase one can of pet food.

When he returned home, he couldn’t get it out of his mind and told the story to his wife Jill.

Jill recalled, “It was just bothering him. It made him think, ‘How many people must struggle to do that?’”

The couple own two Labradors themselves, so they know just how much pet food can cost. They were inspired to do something to help struggling pet parents.

When they shared the story on Facebook to ask for donations, they were overwhelmed by the positive response!

boxes of pet food
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Jill and Kenneth used the donations as well as their own money to buy a few hundred dollars’ worth of pet supplies.

They then stocked them in a farm stand, which they had closed down during the pandemic.

They then unveiled the Acushnet Pet Food Pantry on Facebook and informed everyone to take what they need and give what they can.

And it received even more attention than their previous post! Soon, their porch was filled with boxes from Amazon and Chewy.

Pet food donation packages from amazon and chewy
Photo Credit: Facebook

Hundreds of people have visited the pet food pantry, and people all over the country were inspired to open their own. The overwhelming response led the couple, who saw the whole experience as “incredibly rewarding,” to turn their simple pantry into a nonprofit. They now frequently update their Amazon Wish List.

Even with the national attention, they continue to operate the Acushnet Pet Food Pantry out of their own home while also using a lot of their own money.

Kenneth and Jill Gonsalves
Photo Credit: Facebook

They know it’s worth it, knowing that a lot of animals and pet parents are given provisions every day.

If you wish to help, you can visit their Facebook page for more information.


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