Couple Surprised Each Other By Simultaneously Proposing to One Another

  • Savi Nukala and Sharath Reddy decided to live together forever after living apart because of the pandemic.
  • Wedding photographer Miranda Anderson was trusted with a secret: that the couple would propose to each other on their couple shoot.
  • As Savi got down on her knees with a ring, Sharath turned around and also presented an engagement ring.

A wedding photographer’s job is a window to heartwarming special moments in the lives of one’s clients.  But sometimes, you are not just an onlooker but an active participant.

Miranda Anderson of British Columbia, Canada kept a couple’s secret that when it happened, the couple were both surprised, and left her in tears.

Anderson’s woman client, Savi Nukala, hired her to do their couple’s shoot.  The past six months of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown made Savi realize that living separately from her boyfriend Sharath Reddy was difficult.  It was time for them to be together.  And so, she planned that during the shoot, she would propose to Sharath.  She even bought a ring!

They also devised a signal for Anderson to capture the right moment on camera.

Photo Credit: @mirandandersonphoto (Instagram)

Little did she know that Sharath was also planning on popping the question during the shoot.  That he also had a ring prepared and Anderson was in on the plan.

Savi and Anderson’s signal was for Savi on her knees holding out the ring.  What Sharath did when he turned around was to also present Savi an engagement ring!   

The couple bursts into laughter.  It was a proof of how they both think alike.  What is even greater is that they both said, “Yes!” What a happy double proposal.

Anderson later said, “It went so perfectly and what happened brought tears to my eyes as they both simultaneously proposed to one another.”

Photo Credit: @mirandandersonphoto (Instagram)

The proposal quickly became the photographer’s favorite proposal as she had a part in it.  She also thanked the couple for having her.

Every moment, smile, hug was captured by Anderson.  And when the pictures were posted online, it soon became viral.

With how things turned out, it was a no-brainer for the couple to choose Anderson to be their photographer at their small wedding rites.

Anderson explained, “Savi and Sharath got married in front of their 10 closest friends while the rest of their family and friends from all over the world watched on livestream.”

It is not always that a couple is so in tune with each other that it spells for a loving and harmonious bond between them.  As for Anderson, good job secret keeper.

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