Cute puppy tries to get out of bed but falls asleep again

Cute puppy tries to get out of bed but falls asleep again

  • An adorable puppy became famous online after he tried to get out of bed only to fall asleep again.
  • In the photo, a sleeping Bandit can be shown halfway out of his bed, which had toppled over.
  • Thousands could relate to the sleepy puppy and even made adorable edits to the picture.

Bandit the puppy became famous online over his relatable moment of falling back asleep while trying to get out of bed.

The precious image was shared on Reddit by user yarntist, who wrote, “My puppy fell back asleep while getting out of his bed.”

Photo Credit: Reddit/yarntist

In the picture, we can see that the sleeping puppy had tipped his dog bed over in his attempt to climb out. But he ended up falling asleep again while halfway out of his toppled bed.

It turns out that dogs really can fall asleep anywhere!

The Reddit post, which received over 35,000 upvotes, made Bandit beloved by the community.

When one user pointed out that the image could be flipped and edited to look like he was sailing at sea, the Photoshop battles ensued.

After one user shared a basic example image of what he meant, other more creative ones followed.

Here’s one with Bandit wearing a pirate hat and having a parrot as a companion! The bed served as his boat on the open seas.

Redditors saw the image as very relatable.

One comment read, “The struggle is real baby,” while another commenter wrote, “I do that every day. I just simply refuse to leave the sanctity of my pillows [and] comforter.”

“The new face of ‘I hate Mondays,” another Redditor wrote.

Others simply loved how Bandit looked so adorable asleep. One thought that Bandit may have had “a long day being cute.”

Sleep tight, Bandit! Perhaps he is sailing the open seas in his dreams.


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