Cute Video of Dog Trying to Befriend Cats Has Viewers Rallying Behind Him [Video]

  • Cats and dogs behave differently when making friends.
  • A TikTok video of a dog trying to win over two cats shows how the two species are different.
  • The dog’s charming and patient way of convincing the cats to be his friends has won the viewers over.

There is a big difference in the way cats and dogs make friends.  Dogs usually make the first move and can easily get over the initial awkwardness.  Cats can be pretty selective with whom to interact and may take a longer time to win over.

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TikTok user @koepkaandseve shared a video that perfectly exemplifies this difference.  Their pup, Seve, has been trying to make friends with their cats, Napoleon and Woods.  In the video, although the cats are not hissing or scratching him, Seve still tries his best to be included in the felines’ snuggling on the couch.  He gently puts his snout on the pillow and waits for the cats’ acceptance.

As one user @kimbe2119 wrote, “The gray cat wanted to smack him, but he was too sweet.”

You’ve got this, Seve! @meghanbreustedtlarsen said, “They know he is gentle already because they aren’t boxing his face. Sweet baby, you will be buds in no time.”

Photo Credit: @koepkaandseve (TikTok)

Don’t worry, Seve.  The viewers are cheering you on.  As @dogandcatlove55 said, “That cat gave him the paw of approval.” And as @stachensnow commented, “If the cats let him in their personal space like this, then he’s definitely loved.”

Just keep on being lovable, Seve.  In time, you’ll be chummy with the felines and you’ll get to play and snuggle with them.

Source: Pet Helpful

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