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Dad Creates Special Window For Dog To Make Neighbors Smile



  • Burger loved to see the outside world beyond the fence and after noticing this, his dad made a little window especially for him to see the passersby.
  • When the pandemic started, they thought of ideas to brighten people’s day and make paintings around Burger’s window.
  • So far, their goal has been achieved because people are loving Burger and the witty paintings around him.

Burger was adopted by his new family last year and a few months later, he started digging under the fence of their home so he could see what’s happening beyond that wooden barrier. After noticing his fondness to the outside world, his dad decided to get creative with it!

He made a hole in the fence that served as a window for Burger to what the people passing by — and the adorable pup fell instantly in love with it!

Photo Credit: Brian Stanley

As soon as I was done, Burger had his head through it and immediately stopped digging,” his dad, Brian Stanley, told The Dodo. “Best decision ever!”

Photo Credit: Brian Stanley

It was not only Burger who fell in love with his dad’s genius idea, other people too! Everytime Burger gets the chance, he’d go straight to his little window and watch as they give a smile back whenever they see him. They are loving how cute he looks peeking out through the hole.

Photo Credit: Brian Stanley

When the COVID-19 pandemic started that forced businesses to shut down, Stanley and his family observed that many people were going out to buy their necessities walking past their house. The family thought of another great idea to make people smile amidst difficult times through Burger and his little window..

Photo Credit: Brian Stanley

“At first it started as a joke with my wife that I was going to paint something on the street side of the fence around the dog window, but then the idea of painting an actual picture and hanging it up to frame the hole started to form in my mind,” Brian said. “The shutdown brought an obvious black cloud along with it. Even though more people were out on the street walking or biking, we knew it was due to job loss and uncertain times. I first talked about it to my son who was 100% behind the idea of putting something up on the fence to hopefully bring a smile to people’s faces.”

Photo Credit: Brian Stanley

So then Brian and his 7-year-old son Cameron started painting. The first one they did was their version of the famous “The Scream” painting — then they called it “The Bark.” Initially they thought of just doing one painting, but their ideas kept flooding and soon enough, the painting around Burger’s window has been constantly changing.

Photo Credit: Brian Stanley

So far, their goal to make people smile through Burger and their works of art has been achieved with flying colors!

People absolutely adore Burger and the paintings. At the same time, it brought the family closer to their community.

Source: The Dodo