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Dad Thought She Looked Fine In Biker Shorts, But Grandma Found Out The 3-Year-Old Was Actually Wearing Underwear To School, Epic!



  • Every morning, Dad is in charge at home while mom is at work.
  • But one particular day, Brad was so busy making breakfast he let his daughter choose her outfit.
  • When she came out, he thought she looked fine, but later on, grandma came to school and saw her grandchild was actually wearing underwear and not biker shorts, epic!

Aliza Friedlander was still at work when she received a text message from the school that all parents hope they would not.

The school reached out to her not because her daughter Brooklyn had misbehaved but because she had come to school in quite a hilarious and unusual outfit. 

Photo Credit: alizafriedlanderjmore (Instagram)

Brad Friedlander, Aliza’s husband, was the one in-charge at home that morning while she was at work. Brad was so busy making breakfast so he just let Brooklyn pick her own dress to wear for school. When she appeared in a sweater and a pair of what he thought were bike shorts, she looked fine.

So he then rushed her two daughters, Brooklyn, 3-year-old, and Lila, 5-year-old, to school. But when grandmother, Anita King, visited Brooklyn during her music class, she noticed something was not right.

“Her initial thought was she was wearing white bike shorts scrunched up in the front with a shirt covering them,” Aliza said. “I think when she went into the classroom and saw Brooklyn from behind, she realized that they, in fact, weren’t shorts.” 

Brooklyn was actually wearing potty-training underwear! She had come to school in underwear! Luckily, grandma decided to not make a big fuss about it so the little girl won’t be too conscious.

She went to Lila’s room to borrow some shorts and saved the day. Later that day, Melissa, Aliza’s friend, sent her some pictures of what Brooklyn wore to school. She laughed so hard and later texted her husband to confront him.

Photo Credit: alizafriedlanderjmore (Instagram)

“When I got the text message from my friend, I just shook my head and laughed,” Aliza said.

“She was actually wearing a pair of underwear under the underwear, so she was wearing them as shorts even though they weren’t,” she said. “He has never let an epic fail happen like this before…he spends a ton of time with the girls and gets them dressed all the time, which is what makes this even funnier.”

Photo Credit: alizafriedlanderjmore (Instagram)

Brooklyn totally had no idea about it! “I think she may have actually thought they were shorts, but when I asked her about it she got this huge smile on her face and started cracking up, so I’m not entirely confident our 3-year-old wasn’t playing a joke on her father,” Aliza said.

From this time on, Brad will surely double-check her daughters’ outfit next time.

Source: Inspire More