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Daughter Appears On Screen During Her Mom’s Live TV Interview So She Can Show Off Her Unicorn Drawing [Video]



  • Working from home is also quite challenging especially for parents whose kids want their attention all the time.
  • Dr. Clare Wenham experienced the same thing when her daughter interrupted her live interview with BBC News.
  • Scarlett made an adorable appearance on screen and asked for her mum’s interviewer’s name.

While it sounds very appealing to work from home, many people actually face quite some challenges with this new setup — just like what Dr. Clare Wenham experienced.

On Wednesday, she was on a live interview with BBC News through a video call when her daughter, Scarlett, interrupted and made a hilarious and absolutely adorable appearance on the screen. 

Dr. Wenham is an assistant professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science teaching global health policy.  She was doing a live interview with a reporter named Christian, and they talked about local lockdowns in England. 

At first, Scarlett tried to sit on her mum’s lap but she calmly lifted her to the side as she continued with the interview. Meanwhile the toddler went to the back of the room. 

Scarlett was deciding where to put her unicorn artwork, whether on top of the shelf or in the lower part. 

Photo Credit: BBC News

Eventually, Christian was amused by what she was doing and she asked Dr. Wenham of her daughter’s name. 

He then went to comment that the artwork looks better in the lower shelf and that “It’s a lovely unicorn,” he said as he gave a giggly laugh.

Dr. Wenham went on with the conversation but the little girl interrupted asking for the guy’s name. “Mummy what’s his name? What’s his name mummy?”

Photo Credit: BBC News

To which Christian responded with his name. 

Scarlett went on to say, “Christian, I’m just deciding where Mummy wants it to go.”

Dr. Wenham then told her, “I think just on that shelf is great,” and turned to apologize to Christian. It was so sweet he couldn’t help but laugh. 


Late on, Dr. Wenham posted a photo of them together on Twitter saying: “We’ve decided on a shelf for the unicorn. Thanks to all for kind words normalising the work-parent balance that so many are juggling amid #covid19 chaos.”

Source: PEOPLE