Deaf and blind rescue dog learned love through slow dances with her mom [Video]

  • Beanie is a blind and deaf dog who was rescued in 2018.
  • She didn’t like to be touched and would get away from anyone who would try to pet her.
  • Her owner communicates with her through touch.

Beanie hasn’t had a human that adores her like Julie Elrod. Until Elrod brought her home, the shy rescue dog had never known a loving touch.

Through dance, the two have formed a special friendship.

@julieelrod1966 I dance with my blind, deaf rescue baby every single day no matter what. I don’t care what meetings I’m late to, I make the time to dance with Beanie ❤️❤️❤️ #dogs #animals #rescue #rescuedogs #cutedogvideos #cutedog #bff #bffs #bestfriendsforever #adoptdontshop #maltese ♬ Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell

Elrod shares that she and Beanie have been dancing every day since she adopted her in 2018 from Rescue Dogs Rock.

“Since she is blind and deaf, I communicate with her through touch,” she added.

Dancing together enhances their special bond, which is especially important given Beanie’s aversion to being touched.


According to Elrod, Beanie used to get away from her when she would try to pet her. So Elrod created the slow dance therapy where she would hold Beanie close, sway back and forth, and sing to her.

Beanie now looks forward to dancing around the house with her favorite person, and Elrod feels the same way.

“She now trusts me totally and she relaxes completely and melts into my body as we slow dance,” Elrod said. “I do not care what appointments I have or who I am supposed to meet, I make time every single day to slow dance with my best friend and soulmate.”


Beanie’s life before Elrod had not been simple. Beanie has gone a long way thanks to Elrod’s perseverance and care.

Beanie, according to his dog mama, was uninterested in learning about love. She knew nothing about housebreaking and disliked eating. Even now, she requires hand feeding.

Elrod’s tiny puppy has been with him for four years and does not wag her tail or give kisses, and Elrod says Beanie shows her love for her in different ways. 


Beanie finally found happiness, but Elrod claims her dog changed her life.

“I would not trade being Beanie’s mom for anything,” Elrod said. “I love her so unconditionally and infinitely. Beanie is my soulmate dog, and I thank God for every second I have with her. No amount of time I have with her will ever be enough.”

Source: The Dodo

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God gave us animals to receive and to show real love. You will be blessed for helping this handicapped baby. I know what it means to be deaf because I am hearing impaired, too.

I, too, am hearing impaired and believe with all my heart that God showed His love for us by blessing us with His creatures. Each one of them is unique, just like He made us. They all deserve love and kindness. God bless this woman for realizing Beanie’s needs and loving him unconditionally.

God bless those two “slow dancers!” And the fact that Beanie no longer “rejects” the touch of her human mama just reinforces what we know (or THINK we know!) about the power of Love!! Keep on dancing, you two!!

I was peeling onions again. I love Beanie too.

We owe these animals as they are our best companions when we are down and out. They comfort us and we owe them the same!

I enjoy the happy stories from this site.