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Dinosaur Reunion: Kids Prepare Surprise For Grandma Only To Be Surprised Back [Video]



  • Ethan and Owen Cooper were amazed when their grandma surprised them at the airport wearing a dinosaur costume.
  • They decided to recreate the surprise by wearing dinosaur costumes when it was their grandma’s turn to visit them.
  • Their grandma managed to one-up their surprise when she showed up in her own dinosaur costume!

Meet the Coopers, a family that would take every opportunity to make things more fun — even having a “dinosaur reunion” at the airport.

Photo Credit: Tabitha Cooper

The family, who hails from Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia, once visited Canada and were surprised by their grandma at the Toronto airport. She was sporting a giant inflatable dinosaur costume! Grandma Cheryl had wanted to give “a great welcome” since Ethan and Owen “recently watched Jurassic World and were obsessed with dinosaurs at the time,” their mom Tabitha shared.

The two boys were so delighted by the surprise that they decided to do the same when their grandma planned to visit them to meet their new baby brother.

Tabitha readied their Halloween velociraptor costumes and started recording footage of the inevitable reunion at the airport. The brothers were so hyped, and other passengers were amused by the two kids hopping and dancing about in their comically huge dino suits.

Everyone erupted into giggles as soon as Grandma started appearing in the doorway. She was also wearing her own dinosaur costume!

Dinosaur Reunion
Photo Credit: Tabitha Cooper

“Grandma-saurus Rex” happily made her way toward her ecstatic grandkids and enjoyed a tight hug.

It was such a sight to witness!

Grandma later shared how she managed to don her costume after the flight.

First, she packed her costume inside her carry-on bag. Once she disembarked, she asked a friendly security guard to help her into the suit. We can imagine the two of them holding back laughter as they prepared for the amazing surprise!

Photo Credit: Tabitha Cooper

Tabitha, meanwhile, was not that surprised. She somehow expected that Grandma would manage to one-up their surprise.

The video has been viewed millions of times over several platforms. It was so fun to witness a dinosaur reunion at an airport! We wonder if this fun-loving family can find a new gimmick to top this surprise.

Source: Inspire More