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Dog and Cat Siblings Enjoy Outdoor Adventures Together [Video]



  • Couple Cynthia and Andre moved to Colorado from Massachusetts and soon learned they love the outdoors. 
  • They also learned they’d love to have fur babies to join them during their exciting outdoor adventures. 
  • So they got Henry the dog and Baloo the cat who both became best friends instantly!

Cynthia Bennett and Andre Sibilsky both learned to love the outdoors after they moved to Colorado from Massachusetts. Later on, they also learned they love to have fur babies join them in their outdoor escapes. 

That’s when Henry came into their lives and the pup instantly brought more joy! Bet they soon found out that Henry suffered from separation anxiety whenever they were not home. This led them to add another baby, Baloo the cat, who just as quickly, became Henry’s best friend.

The funny thing about Baloo is he acts not like any other cats. He actually thinks of himself that he’s a dog. 

“If he sees a dog out on a walk, he’ll run up to it, but if he sees a cat he will pretend it isn’t there and ignore it,” Cynthia told BBC. “Like, do you not understand what you are? It’s quite funny.”

Photo Credit: @henrythecoloradodog (Instagram)

Henry doesn’t mind at all. In fact, he loves going out with Baloo on his back! 

Their incredible friendship certainly captured the couple’s hearts and the hearts of many other people from all over the world. 

Photo Credit: @henrythecoloradodog (Instagram)

Their videos and photos going on a hike together sporting their sweet friendship are absolutely adorable and thousands of their followers and fans on Instagram agree on that. 

Photo Credit: @henrythecoloradodog (Instagram)

They look clearly loyal to each other and that’s what the world is lacking. Something that we people can learn from our beloved fur babies. That we may foster friendships that are less demanding, and more understanding, regardless of differences.

Source: Inspire More