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Dog comforts young girl grieving over dad’s demise



  • Emily and her dog Blue were on their daily run when a little girl suddenly asked if she could pet Blue.
  • Apparently, the girl was attending the funeral of her dad.
  • Blue brought so much comfort to the girl, and Emily was as happy that they met her: a “perfect reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness through every storm.”

“May I pet your puppy?”

Emily Beineman was stopped when she heard this yell from a little girl outside a funeral home while on her daily run with her dog, Blue.

Photo Credit: Emily Beineman/Inspire More

Quickly turning to the girl, Emily responded with “Of course! As long as your parents don’t mind!!”

Emily was sad hearing the girl’s reply, who gave her a little shy smile, saying “Oh my parents aren’t out here. My mom is inside and my daddy died… we are at his funeral.”

Before Emily could say a word, Blue walked towards the girl in a jiff and very gently sat down in front of her. The girl hugged Blue, and for Emily who was moved by the sight, it was one breath-taking view.

Photo Credit: Emily Beineman/Inspire More

Emily couldn’t stop her tears for a moment, especially when the girl asked her to meet her daddy, “Can you please come meet him??”

Emily quickly dried her eyes, and gave in to the child’s request, although she was all sweaty running for three miles and was on her workout attire. She met her daddy, mom and grandparents. The little girl even showed Emily the bouquet of flowers surrounding the casket, telling Emily how pretty everything looked for her.

Emily and Blue stayed for a few more minutes to grant the little girl’s request of wanting to still pet her.

The girl’s family was so happy at what they were witnessing, seeing their little girl so happy with the presence of the pup, all smiles as she was petting Blue.

Photo Credit: Emily Beineman/Inspire More

Her aunt told Emily, “I think God led you and Blue over here today for a reason… Blue’s love and gentleness that she has showed her has touched our hearts.”

Feeling that Blue is her “gentle giant” for she could sense if someone is sad and she has this overwhelming calmness in her, Emily was happy that they came across the special little girl. Emily was grateful that God allowed their paths to meet, reaffirming her belief that everything happens for a reason.

Photo Credit: Emily Beineman/Inspire More

“She is the perfect reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness through every storm,” Emily said.

Source: Inspire More