Dog enjoys surfing flooded streets with his owner

  • Bo was found in the Cayman Islands three years ago.
  • Initially, his owner tried to teach him to surf in the ocean.
  • After realizing that the waves in the oceans were not strong enough for surfing, Bos’ owner taught him to surf in the flooded streets. 

Most people will stay inside if their street is flooded. Bo, on the other hand, finds traversing the waters as simple as grabbing his boogie board.

Peter Rosen tried teaching his dog, Bo, to surf about a year ago, when a huge storm flooded the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Rosen was hoping that Bo would recall his surfing skills when the street flooded again lately.

The Dodo

“We pulled the board out and he immediately recalled it and immediately hopped right on,” Rosen said. 

A neighbor, Rachel Frank, was trying to walk her dog through the flooded sidewalk when she noticed Rosen and Bo preparing to ride the waves. The pair were surfing up and down the street by the time she returned from her walk.

The Dodo

“I couldn’t stop laughing and filming,” Frank said. “My dog was with me and just wanted to jump in and play too.”

Rosen attempted to teach Bo to surf in the ocean at first, but the low south Florida waves were insufficient to push the board.

Rosen quickly realized that the flooded streets would be a better match for Bo’s powers. He began by manually tugging Bo through the water to train him. Bo gradually gained his balance. They eventually added the electric bike.

“He’s pretty talented,” said Rosen.

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Anything that brings him closer to Rosen appeals to Bo, who was adopted three years ago after Rosen rescued him in the Cayman Islands. Rosen and his husband were on vacation when they discovered Bo, whose former owner could no longer care for him. They took Bo on a hike around the island, and he matched in perfectly. The couple quickly adopted Bo, and they’ve been on adventures since then. 

Bo’s unusual mode of transportation does not end with surfing. He’s frequently seen riding in the sidecar of Rosen’s Vespa or settled in a baby carrier as Rosen skateboards.

“He’s pretty much gung ho for anything I want to do,” Rosen said. “He just wants to be with me.”

Source: The Dodo

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