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Dog Finally Had Enough With Lollipop Toy Trick [Video]



  • Cuihua’s parent has been entertaining him with a lollipop toy for a while now.
  • The toy, which hides and reveals a lollipop, confused Cuihua before.
  • This time, however, the golden retriever finally decided he’s had enough and made his parent put the toy down.

Cuihua the golden retriever is a very playful dog, which is why his parent loves playing with him. Most times, his parent plays harmless pranks on him, and he usually falls for them. Cuihua definitely loves his toys and playing along with pranks, but sometimes enough is enough.

That’s exactly what happened one day when Cuihua’s parent started entertaining him — or rather tricking him — with a lollipop toy. By using the tiny lever at the back, the toy would reveal or hide the candy. Every time Cuihua licks the lollipop, his parent would hide it again.


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It turns out that Cuihua’s parent has done this several times before, and he had kept falling for it.

His parent, along with millions of viewers, has been entertained by his reaction.

Photo Credit: TikTok/jn33s1z

Some viewers said Cuihua’s expression was just too cute to handle.

TikTok user @jackieburton811 wrote, “Aww, such a cute facial expression!”

Another user, @orangebowl14, couldn’t resist tagging their friend and writing, “Look at this super cute dog!”

Photo Credit: TikTok/jn33s1z

The video caption read, “The dog is no longer three!” Perhaps Cuihua’s parent has finally caught on that the pup is no longer entertained by this lollipop trick.

Viewers agreed. User @marchmadness4642 wrote, “Yeah, he finally had enough…LOL.” Another user @tokfathertime found Cuihua’s reaction hilarious, writing, “I love when dogs get fed up.”

Cuihua caught on that he was being teased with candy, and decided it was time for him (and his parent) to grow up. He had to put his foot down — literally.

Dog Finally Had Enough With Lollipop Toy Trick
Photo Credit: TikTok/jn33s1z

No more messing with this pup!

Source: Pet Helpful