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Dog Gave Garbage Man The Sweetest Thank-You Hug For A Job Well Done! [Video]



  • Said Zarate and his colleague were doing their usual rounds in an agricultural community when he noticed a pup drifting to the current of the concrete canal.
  • Said act in haste tried to save the dog by luring him near to the side so he can snatch him out.
  • When the dog was finally saved, he leapt to give Said the sweetest thank you hug probably no human has ever done to him for a job well done.

Seldom may the time come that garbage collectors get recognized or acknowledged for the job well done with even a mere thank you. But Said Zarate’s recent heroism while he was on duty earned him the sweetest gratitude he deserves!

Last month, Said and his co-worker were doing their usual rounds in an agricultural community when he noticed something that needed prompt response—a pup in danger of drowning and losing his life in a concrete canal! 

“I saw something moving in the water,” Said told The Dodo. “I kept looking until I could identify that it was a dog. I told my partner to stop.”

Said moved in reflex and rushed to save the drowning dog. He grabbed an empty sack and threw it over so that the pup can cling to it and Said can pull him out of the water.

Photo Credit: Said Zarate

But the dog was already too tired from keeping himself afloat and he didn’t have enough energy to cling on the sack. Still, Said tried his best until he was able to lure the poor dog nearer to him and snatched him quickly out!

The dog was so grateful to Said for saving his life so he gave him the sweetest thank you hug!

Photo Credit: Said Zarate

“He leapt into my arms,” Said said.

Apart from his traumatic experience, the dog is generally healthy and is being taken cared for very well by his family who are apparently living nearby.

“I’m sure he has good owners. He must just have had an accident,” Said said. “After staying with us for a moment, he ran off cheerfully back home.”

Said left with a happy heart for the help he was able to provide beyond his call of duty. 


“I thanked God I was able to save him,” he said. “Just as the dog thanked me.”

Source: The Dodo