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Dog Gives Owner A Side Eye When He Returns From Vacation [Video]



  • Hannibal, a Boxer dog, was left by his owner at a pet boarding facility because he went for a vacation.
  • He must’ve felt betrayed because when his human came back, he was not excited to see him at all.
  • Instead, Hannibal gave him a side eye, maybe for leaving him behind!

For people who own pets, going on a vacation without them is a little stressful because they can’t avoid feeling guilty not tagging their beloved along. They would keep thinking about them and worse, that look of betrayal in their faces as soon as they get back, is hard to bear!

That’s exactly what Hannibal’s owner got after he came back from a trip. He was expecting to see his dog’s happy face when he fetched him at a pet boarding facility where he dropped the dog off before he went to a homecoming. However, it was quite the opposite.

Hannibal, an adorable Boxer breed dog, gave his owner a cold stern look when he came to get him at the Dogwoods Canine Play and Stay in Olympia, Washington.

His look contained all the anger, hurt, and betrayal he felt after he was left behind. He just stood there upright, stayed put, stared at his owner, void of any excitement, and his “side eye” was something he’s really good at doing!

Photo Credit: TheLad (Youtube)

He didn’t even budge as his parent moved towards him. Instead his cold look was becoming more of a disgust. He seemed to say silently in his mind, “How dare you come back after you left me?”

Many people adored Hannibal’s hilariously dangerous stare. They even warned his owner to watch his back because for sure, revenge is going to happen soon! Some also compared Hannibal’s to Samuel Jackson’s intimidating stare.

Photo Credit: TheLad (Youtube)

“The furniture, dead… your house shoes, dead… clean floor, dead,” one commenter jokingly said. 

“That’s not staring, that’s straight up burning holes into your soul,” another one said.

Photo Credit: TheLad (Youtube)

We hope Hannibal has warmed back to his human. We certainly don’t want to be receiving that murderous look either.

Source: Inspire More