Dog has hilarious reaction to baby brother finally throwing a ball for him [Video]

  • A Golden Doodle had been looking forward to playing fetch with his human baby brother. 
  • However, when the time finally came for them to play fetch, things didn’t go as planned. 
  • The dog’s reaction to his baby brother throwing the ball has TikTok users amused. 

On TikTok, a little Golden Doodle had been waiting for months for his human baby brother to learn how to throw. However, the dog was given a real shock when he discovered that the child is still not ready for a game of fetch.

According to a video posted on the Golden Doodle’s TikTok profile @minidoodlebentley, it all started when Tyler was a baby.

@minidoodlebentley who knew dogs could be this picky 🤦🏽‍♀️ #runningupthathill #goldensoftiktok #doodlesoftiktok ♬ Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) – Kate Bush

“Our dog waited so patiently for our son to be able to throw a ball at him,” the video’s subtitles read. 

The clip then transitions to a slightly older Tyler, holding a ball. And, well, everything didn’t exactly go as planned.

“He refused to receive such pitiful throws,” @minidoodlebentley added.

Bentley’s expression is just priceless.


The reaction in the comments section was hilarious.

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” wrote @taylorkeith60.

“He waited this long, he’ll wait some more ’til it’s JUST. PERFECT,” @icypinklemonade added. 

While some Golden Doodle owners complained that this was very on-brand for their dogs.


However, one commentator observed something quite amusing.

“Y’all saw him shake his head no, I know I wasn’t the only one,” @chazzzree quipped. 

Bentley will have to wait till Tyler is no longer in diapers to play fetch with him.

Source: Pet Helpful

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