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Dog Loves Her Blanket So Much She Brings It Wherever She Goes — Even In The Pool For A Swim! [Video]



  • Winnie is just like any normal dog who loves her sibling and mom, except that she loves her blankets even more.
  • Ever since her mom gifted her with a polka dot blanket, she has since been in love with it and refuses to have it get separated from her.
  • This makes her even more adorable and her thousands of followers on TikTok supports her all the way!

Just like other regular dogs, Winnie loves her dog sibling, Moose, and her mom, Meg. But most of all, she loves her blankets!

None of her family members could come close to how much she loves her blankets. The yellow Labrador is just obsessed with them and her fans are very supportive of that!

Winnie was just a cute little puppy when Meg adopted her. Instantly Meg noticed that Winnie has the best smile in the world and how she loves fuzzy fabrics so much!

The first time Meg gave Winnie a gift — a polka dot blanket — the dog fell in love with it right away and never lets it get separated from her wherever she goes. 

Photo Credit: @misswinland (Instagram)

But among all her many blankets, she has her most favorite one always with her. And when we say she brings it wherever she goes, we mean literally anywhere!

She goes swimming with it and won’t even exchange it for a delicious treat, nah ah!

Photo Credit: @megdufaulttt (Tiktok)

Meg gets thrilled with this unusually adorable behavior of Winnie and she thought many people would fall in love with her too if she shows the world Winnie’s passion for her blankets. 

So six months ago, Meg decided to upload videos of Winnie and her blankets on a video platform, TikTok. Of course, it didn’t take long for Winnie to get viral and famous! Who doesn’t love a furry dog and a fuzzy blanket together? Now, she is a star and she is warming the hearts of her thousands of followers.

That’s right Winnie! Keep us smiling everyday! 


Source: Inspire More