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Dog Manages to Get Stuck After Being Left “Alone for 1 Minute” [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Max, a bull terrier, left his owner and the internet in fits of laughter after getting his head stuck in his bowl’s holder.
  • The video, shared by Max’s owner on TikTok, has received over 2.3 million views and more than 316,000 likes.
  • Users across TikTok shared comments and jokes, with many relating to Max’s endearing mishap.

In an event that can only be described as one-minute mayhem, a bull terrier named Max has caused quite a stir on the internet.

Known for their distinctive egg-shaped faces and pointy ears, bull terriers may not be the most popular breed in the U.S., but Max’s recent antics have placed him squarely in the spotlight.

Max’s owner, known on TikTok as @maddiecail, shared a hilarious video of the mischievous pooch on July 16.

The video reveals Max’s plea for help after getting his head hilariously stuck in his bowl’s holder.

The caption reads, “alone for 1 minute,” explaining just how quickly Max found himself in this predicament.


Famous for their ownership of bull terriers are stars like Taylor Swift and Eric Clapton, according to dog wellness experts at WagWalking.

Other notable fans of the breed include Tom Hardy, Don Cherry, and Princess Anne.

However, it’s Max who’s enjoying his moment of fame, with the video amassing over 2.3 million views and more than 316,000 likes on TikTok.

The internet found Max’s misadventure hilariously relatable, with one user, Mariesrevenge, commenting: “‘What have you done’ him: ‘WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE.’”

Hat1nk added, “Dog: HI Dad! Yeah, I stuck. Help.”

While Blondie offered a defense of the breed, saying, “They are all kinda the same. not the brightest candles on a cake but they are loyal and just the coolest breed.”


Meanwhile, Geoffrey asked a pertinent question: “That tail, why is he happy about it.”

Emma wrote: “He said ‘You can see what I’ve done now get me out of here.’”

With Max’s video, a moment of adorable clumsiness has united the internet in a chorus of laughter.

Whether he knows it or not, this bull terrier has shown us the joy and hilarity our four-legged friends can bring, even when they’re causing a little chaos.