Dog obsessed with trash can plays with it all day long [Video]

  • Stacey Zitto and her husband adopted a pittie mix they named Bidoof.
  • Bidoof is a happy, carefree dog who loves toys, so the parents gave him lots of toys.
  • However, the pup only loves to play with his favorite toy: a trash can!

When Stacey Zitto and her husband adopted a puppy, they gave him all the fun toys they could think of. The pittie mix, however, chooses over and over again one thing: a trash can.

Stacey first saw the pup, they later named Bidoof, at a Pride festival in June. She was with her two dogs, Lilo and Stitch, when she spotted the York County SPCA’s booth.

She and her family had long been thinking of having a third dog, and when Stacey saw Bidoof, she kind of knew she had to take him home.

Photo Credit: Stacey Zitto / The Dodo

“I reached to pet him, and he flipped on his back for belly rubs,” Stacey told The Dodo. “I played with him a bit and then walked around the festival. I encountered him and his volunteer several more times and loved him more each time. I also watched how he interacted with other people and I was impressed!”

When they were about to leave the festival, Stacey felt that she had to adopt the pittie and make him their third dog officially.

“I eventually decided that I wanted him and texted that I was going to fill out an application,” Stacey said. “My husband’s response was simply ‘OMG!’ which I took to mean, ‘By all means, let’s adopt a third dog!’”

Photo Credit: Stacey Zitto / The Dodo

Settling in with his new family was a piece of cake for Bidoof, especially that it’s a loving home. His dog siblings were also very nice and patient with this limitless puppy energy.

Not long after, the fur parents noticed that Bidoof loves playing with toys, so they showered him with so many toys — only to find out that Bidoof had another idea of what a perfect toy is.

Photo Credit: Stacey Zitto / The Dodo

When Bidoof was playing in the patio, he found a trash can, picked it up, and started playing with it. Since then, he has never left the trash can alone.

The pup loves the trash can so much that he plays with it every chance he gets.

Although he is surrounded with different toys, he’d always pick it and carry it in his mouth. He’d even usually toss it up in the air and catch it on his head, and that just makes him the happiest!

Seeing Bidoof going crazy about his precious trash can is a joyful sight for his family. They find it the funniest thing, but they’re happy how much Bidoof is enjoying his new life.

Stacey said that “trash is a trend” for Bidoof as his second-favorite toy is a one-gallon plastic water bottle. She added, “One day I’d like to feel the level of joy he feels playing with a trash can!”

Source: The Dodo

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