Dog Owner Shares 12-Year-old Pet’s Last Day In A Touching Video

  • Baxter the 12-year-old Shar Pei, has been a faithful companion and best friend to his owner, Ellie Buckler.
  • When Baxter’s health deteriorated and they saw that he was in pain, Buckler’s family decided to put him to sleep but not without showing him more love.
  • Buckler posted the details of Baxter’s last day on earth on TikTok which had the viewers in tears.

A video of Baxter’s last day has the TikTok world in tears. Baxter’s owner, Ellie Buckler shared how they said goodbye to her 12-year-old Shar Pei.

With “Stuff We Did” from the Up movie as background music and the caption ’12 Years Wasn’t Long Enough’, who would not be crying?

@elliebuckler Running in the big fields in the sky ❤️ love yoor forever baby boy 🌈 12 years wasnt long enough 😢 #dogslastday #fyp #bestfriend ♬ Stuff We Did (From “Up”) – Mark Northam

Buckler details each part of the day from the morning’s breakfast at McDonald’s showing Baxter munching on a sandwich, to sharing ham slices, and tasting his first tea, to the final car trip to the vet is so painful.

The cuddles shared between the two and another dog gets you more emotional.

Photo Credit: @elliebuckler (TikTok)

And even if you knew how this would end, you are drawn to every moment which makes your heart break even more.

Buckler has been with Baxter since he was born. She said, “We literally had him since the day he took his first breath, so we had a very strong bond.”


The goodesr boy from the veery beginning to the very end 🌈 brings me comfort seeing how good his life was 🥺

♬ Coffee – beabadoobee

They thought that they would lose Baxter when he was 11 but the dog rallied on and reached his 12th birthday. But he was really getting sick.  He had arthritis and trouble breathing. To stay comfortable, he had to have painkillers.  It was not the life that they wanted Baxter to have and so the family decided to put him to sleep.

Buckler said, “As heartbreaking as it was, we had to do what was right. It wouldn’t have been fair to allow him to carry on the way he was.” 

Photo Credit: @elliebuckler (TikTok)

And thus, the video of his last day.

And what a loving way to go— in the arms of those who loved him all his life. 

Buckler posted a video of the sunset with a rainbow when she got back home and captioned it, “Off over the rainbow bridge. Running in the big fields in the sky ❤️ love you forever baby boy 🌈 12 years wasn’t long enough.”

Run free, Baxter.

Source: PEOPLE

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I had to take my Golden mix dog to the vet on her final day. I tried to make her as comfortable as possible, but she was sick. I held her until her heart stopped and then finalized her earthly trip. One day, we will be reunited over the rainbow bridge and she will be the energetic puppy once again. She always loved us both, but he was my husband’s dog. He was so distraught that he couldn’t go to the vet with us. He cried when it was over, but was relieved she wasn’t in pain any longer.

My heart goes out to Ellie and I can empathize with her. I had to put my almost 16 year old Shih Tzu, Princess, down on July 18th and was with her at the Vet’s when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. My heart is broken so I know what Ellie is going through. I have another Shih Tzu who is going on 15 and I watch him looking for his “sister”. The tears keep coming during the day but, like Ellie knows, the time spent with our fur babies is just NOT long enough!!!

So heartbreaking putting a beloved pet down. We had a really bad year with our pets. My Daughter and Granddaughters had a beautiful Lab that was a rescue. We had a hard time in the beginning because of the previous abuse. She turned out to become a very loved dog by many. About 6 months later we had to put our beautiful Lasapoo at 15 1/2 yrs. We were so lucky to have found a group of Vets that came to our homes to do the procedure. We were able to hold them and then they took the pets and we received the ashes in a beautiful wooden box, pictures and other beautiful items. Then my Granddaughters horse passed away. It is so hard, we loved these pets so much.

I understand as I’ve had to say goodbye to several of my best four legged friends,. They love you no matter what and I will never forget them and have their ashes that will go with me when I go.