Dog “really excited” to discover 30ft bone on the beach

  • Bonnie and her human recently moved to the Scottish island of South Uist.
  • One day while exploring the local beach, they discovered a huge skeleton. 
  • They later found out that it was the spine of an adult sperm whale. 

Bonnie loves going for walks with her human, Hannah Burns. However, nothing could have prepared her for what happened one day on the beach.

They had recently moved to South Uist, a Scottish island, and were exploring a local beach when they stumbled upon a massive skeleton. The thing was huge! Hannah had to take a picture and send it to her sister, Polly Burns, who jumped right in to figure out what they had uncovered.


“My sister has just moved to South Uist and has found this skeleton — anyone able to help with ID?” asked Polly on Twitter. “Golden retriever provided for scale.”

Polly and Hannah discovered after some helpful comments and extra research, that Uist Sea Tours had written about this wonderful find earlier this year. It turned out to be a 30-foot spine from an adult sperm whale.

The spine alone isn’t the reason Hannah and Bonnie’s finding went viral. Someone shared this tale on Reddit about a year after it was first shared on Twitter, and it received approximately 40,000 reactions. Why? They were ecstatic that Bonnie had found “bone heaven!” ” In other words, every dog’s dream!


“That dog can’t believe its luck,” wrote one Reddit user.

Another person speculated on what was going through Bonnie’s mind when she discovered what had to be the largest bone she’d ever seen: “Hmmm. Going to be a challenge. But I know we can get this home. My driver is going to have to squeeze in tight.”


While it’s impossible to tell what Bonnie was thinking when she discovered this big treasure, Hannah can safely confirm that she was “really excited,” even after winter storms smashed up the skeleton and spread the pieces across the shore.

“I’ve never really seen anything like that before,” Hannah said. “I think at first she thought it was a big stick for her —she went near to it and realized it may have been a wee bit too big to pick up.”

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Charles R. Zentz

Excellent articles to brighten the day for all to enjoy

Wow! I’d have to take that home with me, no matter how many trips it took. Then I’d cover them with some sort of lacquer and sell them online as coffee tables/conversation pieces!