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Dog Saves Foster Mom’s Life Earning Him A Forever Family



  • A shelter dog named Brownie was just on his way to a shelter when he was placed with the Analore family while waiting for his transportation.
  • The Analore family showered him with love and care and even taught him to communicate his needs.
  • One night, he managed to save his foster mom’s life by staying with her until her heartbeat returned to normal after a fainting spell.

When you foster an animal, you will be surprised at the number of ways that they would show their gratitude to you.  They show loyalty and love whenever they can.  But being able to save a foster parent almost as soon as you have them is a special way of paying back. It means a connection that is special and strong.

This is Brownie’s story.  Within days of being fostered by Molly Analore, he was able to save her life.

Photo Credit: High Plains Humane Society

As with newly-fostered animals, Brownie was terrified and did not know what to do when he arrived at the Analore family’s home. His previous four adoptions fell through and he was on his way to a Colorado shelter.  He is staying with the Analore family while he waits for transportation. 

The Analore family surrounded him with love no matter how temporary his stay was and that made Brownie learn how to communicate his needs.

Photo Credit: Molly Analore

Analore said, “Eventually he would alert me if he had to go to the bathroom. He would sit by the door and cry.”

But one night, Analore had a bout of fainting and dizziness and Brownie picked up on what she was feeling. She recalled, “He’s not big on cuddling a lot, but he just jumped right on my couch, sat next to me and started cuddling me. I thought, ‘That’s a little strange,’ but then didn’t think anything else of it.”

And Brownie would not let him out of his sight when she decided to lie down in bed.  Brownie screamed and scratched her door to be let in. It was as if the dog knew something was wrong with her. Analore had no choice but to let him in.

Photo Credit: Molly Analore

Brownie then jumped right on her bed and placed his head on her chest.  Once he felt that Analore’s heart was not racing and was feeling better, he got up and left the room.

Analore said, “He just did it all on his own. He’s such a good boy.”

When Brownie’s transportation was ready, the family sent him off to the Colorado shelter after.  But after saving Molly Analore’s life, the family is bringing him back so that he could live out the rest of his days in their care.  For Analore, “A dog like that only comes around once in a lifetime. The connection was so strong.”

Source: The Dodo