Dog Stalking Neighbor Ends Up Having ‘Bromance’ With The Guy [Video]

  • Coby the Golden Retriever was friendly to everyone but he set his eyes on his neighbor across their balcony.
  • Sherwin Brown was having breakfast with his friends on FaceTime when he saw Coby looking at him.
  • Coby’s mom posted the “breakfast date” on TikTok which started the ball rolling for the two to interact and for Coby and Sherwin to be friends.  

Sherwin Brown lives in an apartment across from Alyssa who had a dog named Coby in San Diego, California.  He was not aware that he was the object of affection for Alyssa’s Golden Retriever named Coby until the pup’s mom posted about their breakfast date.

@itscobywest Coby is out here daydreaming about life with a dad #goldenretriever #sandiego #dad #wholesome ♬ Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) [2010 Remastered] – John Lennon

He was, after all, eating breakfast with friends over FaceTime and he happened to lock eyes with the adorable pup.  He did not know that Coby was always sitting out on their balcony to watch out for him. 

As Coby’s mom Alyssa explained, “My dog Coby fell in love with my neighbor across the street.” Alyssa added, “He’s a stalker. Coby is always there watching him. He’s out there watching every day. He loves watching everyone that’s out there go by, but there’s one person he’s particularly obsessed with.”

@itscobywest This escalated quickly 😂 #goldenretriever #sandiego #dad #wholesome #toy ♬ Golden – Harry Styles

Until the video came out on TikTok and he got to see it, Sherwin had no idea of Coby’s love.  But Sherwin told Alyssa that the feelings were mutual and thus started the daily interaction between the two.

From there, they fashioned a link between their apartments so he could send Coby treats and toys, even whole rotisserie chickens.

@itscobywest He said “we ate breakfast together, so I thought I’d get him lunch” 🥲 #goldenretriever #sandiego #dad #toy #wholesome #dogtok #ComeDanceWithMe ♬ You Got A Friend In Me (From "Toy Story") – Just Kids

And when they finally got to meet face-to-face, Sherwin gave Coby a brand-new toy which only cemented the bond between the two.

Sherwin said that Coby reminded him of their dog back in his home. “Seeing him enjoying his toy, was awesome. It was like we had known each other for years. I’d say Coby and I are best friends. He’s the sweetest dog.”

Coby must have his doggy instincts on full power as he knew that he and Sherwin would be great friends. 

What a beautiful bromance!

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