Dog Stays By Friend That Got Hit By a Car Until Someone Helps [Video]

  • A stray dog watched over its injured companion who was hit by a car.
  • The loyal dog stayed with his injured friend overnight and even went to the vet hospital with him.
  • When the injured dog recovers and is pronounced fit, both of them will be eligible for adoption.

Two stray dogs were wandering the streets of Iguatu, Brazil when one got struck by a vehicle.  It lay injured on the side of the road.  And his companion stayed with him, licked him and cared for him as if trying to make him well.

Passersby and bystanders filmed the touching scene and posted it online.  This paved the way for the rescuers to be notified of the situation. 

Nurse Marina Assuncao said, “We were unable to go to the location sooner because we had no available vets, but we received news that both of them were in the same place.”

The dog did not leave the injured dog’s side the whole time.

Photo Credit: Newsflash

Nurse Marina added that she went there with her friend who is a vet.  And when they approached the two dogs, the uninjured one became aggressive and protective.  The women understood and just worked on earning its trust until they could bring the injured dog to the clinic.

“When we put the injured pooch in the car, the other one had already jumped on the seat and stayed with its pal right up to the moment it received treatment in the clinic”, Nurse Marina related.

The injured dog received medical attention and was given water, food and medication. Due to its injuries, it is still not able to walk and an expert opinion by a specialist is needed for proper diagnosis.  The specialist would also determine whether there are injuries to his spine or ribs.

In the meantime, the non-governmental organization Adota Iguatu or Adopt Iguatu has set up a campaign to raise funds for the injured dog’s treatment.

When he recovers, he and his loyal friend will be up for adoption. 

Source: Mirror

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