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Dog Taking Care Of His Sick Brother Is The Most Touching Thing Ever! [Video]



  • Spanky always looks up to his big brother, Roman and he follows wherever he goes.
  • When Roman got sick, Spanky took it on his shoulder to care for his brother and best friend.
  • His amazing act of brotherly love was captured in their home’s security camera and it was incredibly cute and touching!

Spanky and Roman are brothers and best friends. Spanky looks up to Roman, adores him, and follows him everywhere. They are always happy when they are together. 

“Roman is definitely Spanky’s security blanket,” the dogs’ aunt, Jackie Rogers, told The Dodo. “Spanky will do nothing without Roman and always makes sure he is close to him and if he’s, not he gets up and goes near him.” 

Video Credit: Jackie Rogers

A couple of weeks ago, their mom noticed that Roman’s ear was swelling and it looked infected. So she took him to the vet and found out it was hematoma. They scheduled a surgery to have it removed but each day, while waiting for the schedule, Roman’s ear is getting worse and he has become more and more uncomfortable with it.

As the day went by and Roman’s ear got worse, it was noticeable how Spanky started getting more gentle with his big brother. 

Photo Credit: Jackie Rogers

“We had to take him back to the vet to confirm he could wait five more days for surgery and I brought Spanky along for the ride, but due to COVID we couldn’t go inside with Roman and for 20 minutes Spanky sat in the car crying/whining/barking until Roman got back,” Jackie said. 

So while waiting for the day of surgery, they let Roman rest at home and Spanky to look after him as they all go to work. They set up a Ring camera to check in on them every now and then. Recently, Jackie was checking the footage when she noticed something incredibly cute and touching.

Photo Credit: Jackie Rogers

“I see Spanky pacing for a minute while looking at Roman and then the bed and then I see him dragging the bed to Roman and as he’s dragging it he’s looking at Roman almost to say, ‘This is for you,’ and then the next clip is them snuggling,” Jackie narrated. “I had to re-watch it multiple times, I was in disbelief that he did that!”

Worried about his brother, Spanky wanted to make him feel comfortable so he brought him his bed so he doesn’t have to move — that’s just how he loves his brother so much!

Photo Credit: Jackie Rogers

When the family got home, they witnessed how the dogs were snuggled up sweetly. Spanky knows Roman is not well and he showed him he will always stay by his side!

Source: The Dodo