Dog’s grief after losing his sister was lessened by new kittens

  • Losing his sister and best friend made Martin the dog mourn but his mom surprised him with a kitten.
  • Having a kitten to take care of eased Martin’s pain away and brightens his days now.
  • Regardless of species, having someone to take care of and be with alleviates grief.

Martin the Labrador still mourns the loss of his sister and best friend Alma a year ago. Martin’s mom, Emilia Ivan, told The Dodo, “He went through some depression because Alma wasn’t here anymore. He was really lonely and sad.”

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So, when Ivan heard of an abandoned kitten in a nearby field, she hesitated but then thought that Martin might need the company. And besides, she just could not leave the kitten alone.  And so, she brought the kitty home and got pleasantly surprised when she introduced Martin to the new kitten. “The first night [they met], it was love at first sight,” she said.

Photo Credit: Emilia Ivan (TikTok)

Martin gave the kitten wet kisses and snuggles— taking care of the kitten! It was a revelation for Ivan to know that Martin is a kitten dad! And when another kitten was abandoned in their yard, Martin showed the same warm welcome and care for it. Martin has turned out to be a loving and protective kitten caregiver.

Ivan said, “He pays a lot of attention to them and takes care of them. He behaves like he’s their mother and they’re his daughters.”

Photo Credit: Emilia Ivan (TikTok)

By being with the kittens and making them his own, Martin’s grief has been lessened. “He almost seems grateful for them,” Ivan said. The way that Martin is careful and playful with the kittens is magical and makes her love Martin more.

With all the love that Martin has received and given, the veil of sadness has been lifted happiness has again come his way.

Source: The Dodo

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