Dog’s Obvious Confusion At What Is Happening At His Own Birthday Party Is Too Cute [Video]

  • TikTok user @finnyunleashed posted a video of a birthday party for the dog, Finn.
  • Finn was so confused at what was happening, and so were his two companions sitting at the birthday table.
  • The three dogs only understood that they had to eat the food in the bowl after they were told to “get it” after the humans sang the birthday song.

The internet has exposed how times have changed when it comes to celebrating our beloved pets’ birthdays.  From just a simple greeting and giving them a treat, now, parties are held just for them.

Just like humans, they now have pool parties, a day at the spa and other themed celebrations— barney, mickey mouse, toy story, name it, they have it too!

Usually, it is the dogs and cats who get to be treated to these blow-outs as they are the closest to kids that people can have.

But one dog, Finn, certainly was so confused at what was happening at his own party that viewers found it priceless.

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TikTok user @finnyunleashed uploaded Finn’s birthday party.  He sat in the middle of two other dogs.  They all had their party hats on.  Festive decorations surrounded them and desserts were at the table.

But when the people started singing, the Golden Doodle just could not handle it as he looked so confused about what was happening.

And as the humans were overheard saying “Get it”, his companions bolted out of their seats.  He just helplessly looked at them.  This prompted @stephm1705 to write, “He’s so confused why the rest of his mates lack table manners.”

Photo by Mike Cox on Unsplash

But the two pups did come back to gobble up the food in their bowls.

Viewers’ reactions just verbalized what could have been going on in the dogs’ minds.  As @gofetch commented, “Not one of them was impressed, ” to which @lukef86 chimed in, “I love how dogs get just as embarrassed as us haha.”

Maybe they were not properly briefed that it was supposed to be a fun party for Finn. 

Anyway, one user, @kellyw1212 asked, “How does one go about getting invited to a dog birthday party because I need this lol.”

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Amid the confusion, we still wish you a happy birthday, Finn!

Source: Pet Helpful

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