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Dog’s Weekend Sleepovers With Grand-PawPaw And PJs Win Hearts Online



Quick Smiles:

  • Every weekend, Goose, a rescue pit bull mix, eagerly anticipates his sleepover with his owner’s father, affectionately known as “Grand-PawPaw”.
  • Goose’s owner, Breeze Stephens, recently bought him a pair of dinosaur pajamas for the special occasion, much to the amusement of Grand-PawPaw and delight of social media followers.
  • The bond between Goose and Grand-PawPaw is a source of joy and inspiration for many, with their adventures garnering hundreds of thousands of views and likes on TikTok.

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The weekend is a time of joy and anticipation for many, but perhaps none more so than Goose, a rescue pit bull mix. Every Saturday, Goose eagerly awaits the arrival of his owner’s father, or as he’s fondly known, “Grand-PawPaw”.

The moment he spots the familiar Jeep pulling up outside, his excitement is palpable.

Breeze Stephens, Goose’s owner from St. Charles, Missouri, shared with Newsweek that Saturday is Goose’s favorite day of the week. She said he “starts whining and pacing super early” in anticipation of his cherished sleepover.

To add a dash of fun to the occasion, Stephens recently decided to dress Goose in a pair of dinosaur pajamas.


“I’ve never put pajamas on him before, so at first, he was a bit confused by what I was doing. But once they were on, I think he was just too excited that his Grand PawPaw was coming over, so he didn’t give them much thought after that,” Stephens explained.

“My dad got a good laugh out of the dinosaur jammies for sure. Goose and my dad are extremely close, and they have such a special bond.”

Stephens took to social media to share this delightful moment, capturing Goose in his new attire eagerly greeting his grandad. The video, posted on TikTok (@thebreezyboo) on March 3, has since been viewed more than 613,400 times and received over 67,100 likes.

The sleepovers aren’t just about pajamas and cuddles, though. Goose and Grand-PawPaw enjoy a variety of activities together, from park trips to socializing with friends, and indulging in a seemingly endless supply of pup cups.

Stephens explained the weekly tradition, saying her father has always been a dog lover. However, after losing his Chihuahua in 2008, he decided not to get another dog. “So now, he just borrows mine,” she quipped.

“They stay busy for sure, as they go for lots of rides and they love to cruise around. There’s a wooded area that Goose loves to run around, and my dad will take him to his local bar when the weather is nice, and he hangs out on the patio with the guys.


“I think they’ve got a pup cup from every restaurant that offers them near my dad’s place. Back at his house, my dad almost always has new toys for Goose, and when they’re not playing, they’re cuddling.”

The internet’s response to Goose and Grand-PawPaw’s adventures has been overwhelming. People simply can’t get enough of their special bond, with many expressing their wish to see more of their heartening escapades

One TikTok user responded: “I didn’t think it could get cuter, but it did.”

Another person wrote: “I wish all animals got to feel this happiness! He is the cutest ever, him and PawPaw.”

While another comment reads: “This is the absolute cutest doggie and Grand PawPaw relationship I have ever seen.”