Elderly woman who lost husband and home gets “adopted” by neighbors [Video]

  • Gean LeVar lost her husband and her home in the span of one day.
  • Thankfully, she found a family in the kind neighbors who took her in without hesitation.
  • A nonprofit then completely renovated her home, and she gladly shared it with her new family.

Tragedy can come when we least expect it. While some may still have a family to depend on, others may find themselves alone. An elderly woman from Glendale, Arizona, thought she had no one to turn to until she realized that family doesn’t have to share DNA.

Back in January 2021, Gean LeVar lost everything. Her husband of 58 years passed away in their home. When officers responded to the scene, they found out that the house was in inappropriate living conditions. The house was instantly condemned.

Photo Credit: YouTube/CBS Evening News

All of a sudden, in the span of one day, Gean found herself bereft of her husband and her home. She had no children or relatives to depend on.

It turns out that she would find family right across the street from her house.

Gean’s neighbor, Carmen Silva, lived with her husband and 8 kids in a small, three-bedroom house. Carmen barely knew her, but she didn’t hesitate to welcome Gean into her home and make room for her.

Carmen told her, โ€œDonโ€™t worry Gean, weโ€™re going to fix it.โ€

Carmen’s sons, who were taught to respect their elders, gave their room to their new โ€œadopted grandmaโ€ and slept on the couch. Gean felt right at home.

Photo Credit: YouTube/CBS Evening News

Speaking of her new family’s kindness, Gean said, โ€œIt means everything.โ€

The love just kept pouring from there!

Gean’s late husband was a U.S. Navy veteran, so her story reached the nonprofit, Operation Enduring Gratitude. The organization, which assists Arizona veterans and their families, assembled over 200 volunteers to renovate Gean’s home.

After about 18 months, Gean returned to her own home, which looks completely brand new!

Of course, Gean opened up her “new” home to her new family!

Photo Credit: YouTube/CBS Evening News

Gean had the most devastating day of her life when she lost both her husband and her home. But thanks to the Silvas and Operation Enduring Gratitude, she wasn’t left alone.

Now, she has a new family and a home filled with love!

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