Cute dog now known as Electro-Pup because of her hair

  • Meet Catarina, the rescued dog that’s getting popular on TikTok.
  • Catarina is now being dubbed Electro-Pup.
  • The sweet pup’s hair pops when she rubs her body to the sofa.

Catarina is now getting popular on TikTok because of her uncanny ability to make her hair rise. TikTok users now call her Electro-Pup.

Is it real? Does Catarina really possess the power of electricity in the pads of her paws?

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Like most superheroes, Catarina came from humble origins. When she was just a few days old, she became an orphan. Good thing her human mom, Rosario, found her. Rosario had been taking care of Catarina for eight years now.

But, it was just recently when Rosario met her sweet Catarina’s super-powered alter ego. She was even there to witness the dog’s transformation.

“She began to rub her body on the sofa,” Rosario told The Dodo. “She bursted with static. I was so surprised. I couldn’t stop laughing.”

Little Catarina’s hair literally stood on end because of the static.

“I had never seen her like this,” Rosario said.

Photo Credit: @rosariocar1 (TikTok)

Though Catarina (or Electro-Pup) doesn’t really possess any supernatural ability her superpower is the ability to brighten people’s day — not just Rosario’s. She simply just needs to electro-charge herself, on the sofa, of course.

“She would be very happy to know she’s making people smile,” Rosario said. “I think she would feel very loved.”

Source: The Dodo

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