Elephant helps save drowning antelope [Video]

  • An elephant is being hailed as a hero for helping save an antelope from drowning.
  • The elephant persistently cried for help when it saw its fellow zoo-mate struggling to stay afloat in the river.
  • A man nearby heard the elephant’s cries and dived into the water to save the antelope.

For his role in rescuing a fellow zoo-mate, an elephant at a Guatemalan zoo has been acclaimed as a hero!

Maria Diaz managed to capture the rescue on camera. She claims that the sounds of a nearby elephant drew her attention while she and her family were spending a day at the zoo. She soon learned there was a very good reason for the elephant’s continuous noises after she followed the sound.

β€œI saw that an antelope in the water was really scared, fighting for its life and an elephant trying to help him,” Maria said.


While the elephant tried everything he could to attract the attention of a neighboring human, the antelope desperately leaped around in an attempt to keep afloat. Fortunately, help arrived just in time! The man dashed into the river and gently guided the antelope back to dry land. Maria participated in the cheers by exclaiming, “Bravo!” ”

The zoo has since recognized both the guy and the elephant for their bravery – as they should!

Source: Inspire More

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