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Every Time A COVID-19 Patient Is Discharged, This Hospital Celebrates By Playing “Don’t Stop Believin’” In The Background [Video]



  • The NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital celebrates every success by playing, singing along, and dancing to the hit song, “Don’t Stop Believin’” as they send off their patients who have recovered from COVID-19.
  • This sweet practice shows how resilient the people from New York are, where coronavirus hit the hardest.
  • The Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit also does the same sweet practice everytime patients leave the hospital.

It was an emotionally memorable exit of recovered COVID-19 patients at one hospital in New York City.

The staff at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital celebrated the discharge of their patients by throwing a mini-musical while they lined the halls singing along and dancing to Journey’s inspiring song, “Don’t Stop Believin’” as the coronavirus survivors were leaving. 

This emotional moment was filmed and shared to Twitter by the hospital’s account on Tuesday. In the video, staffers were cheering, singing, and dancing to the 1981 hit song as two patients in wheelchairs were being pushed by some staff down the hall.

“As a message of hope during these challenging times, #NYPQueens plays Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” throughout the hospital each time a #COVID19 patient is discharged and on the road to recovery,” the hospital wrote in the caption. 

The video has become viral that it even reached the attention of Journey’s former lead singer Steve Perry. He tweeted: “I wanted to share a little cheer from New York-Presbyterian Queens Hospital in NY. They play ‘Don’t Stop Believin” every time a COVID-19 patient is discharged. We’re all in this together, and we’ll get through this together. #DontStopBelievin”

Jaclyn Mucaria, the hospital’s president, told GMA they have been doing the sweet practice since the past week—and it means a lot not only to the patients but also to the staff.

“Every patient discharge gives hope to NewYork-Presbyterian Queens staff,” Jaclyn said. “They are encouraged to see their patients recovering and going home.”

The video only shows how resilient New Yorkers are who were hit by the COVID-19 the hardest with at least 195,031 cases and 10,056 deaths out of at least 580,878 cases and 23,607 deaths all over the U.S. says the New York Times.


“These have been very challenging times but I am so proud of the extraordinary selflessness and teamwork,” Jaclyn told GMA. “Everyone is pitching in for the purpose of providing the best care to our patients.”

Apparently, the NewYork-Presbyterian Queens is not the only one to use the hit song to inspire patients. In Detroit, Henry Ford Hospital staff also play the song every time their survivor patients are heading home, says The Detroit News. 

“The song’s message is a reminder that this patient’s discharge is just as possible for the next patient and the next,” says Veronica Hall, the president of Henry Ford Hospital. 

Source: PEOPLE