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Family Helps Neglected Goat With No Legs So She Can Walk With Ease



  • Lenny Yourth and his family moved to PA from NY after surviving 9/11 and a heart attack.
  • There, just outside Millerstown, they lived without the city stress amidst their Capra Farm.
  • They also rescue neglected goats who need help and care like Anna who has no hind legs.

Lenny Yourth and his family used to live in Staten Island while he worked as a New York City firefighter. But after surviving the devastating 9/11 incident and a heart attack a decade later, he decided to move his family to Pennsylvania. 

Just outside Millerstown, north of Harrisburg, PA, Lenny and his wife, Michelle, started the Capra Farm (goat farm) where rescue and second chances became their mantra in life. As such, they just can’t ignore a call to save a goat that needed help.

Anna was a neglected goat since birth. She was born during a polar vortex and suffered frostbite in her hind legs. Because of that, she walked using her front legs’ mid-joints. Nobody ever took care of Anna, she was ignored and suffered in her condition.

Photo Credit: Paul Kuehnel

The time came when the farmer who owned Anna wanted to give her away so he looked for anyone who could take her. That’s when the veterinarian referred him to the Yourths to rescue the poor goat.

“Without even seeing Anna, I said yes,” Michelle said. 

Seeing Anna for the first time, she was “unbelievably overweight,” probably because it was hard for her to move around and she’s spent most of her time lying in the hay bed. Her front knees were messed up and calloused.

She was also afraid of people. At first, she would run away,” Michelle said. “She wanted no human contact; she wanted nothing from anybody.”

But of course, the Yourths never gave up on her because they have been through difficult times themselves and they absolutely understand how important it was to make a comeback.

Photo Credit: Paul Kuehnel

It took some time for Anna to warm to them. Eventually, she learned to trust the Yourths and soon enough she’s shown her true self longing for human attention.

Since it is important for Lenny and his family that Anna experiences a better life, they took her for an X-ray to check if her front legs could still be straightened but unfortunately, not anymore. And so she would be needing prosthetics in all her four legs. 

Derrick Campana who owns Bionic Pets, agreed to help Anna and just after a few fittings, Anna could walk on her four legs comfortably! She has also lost 120 pounds since she was with her new family.

Photo Credit: Paul Kuehnel

Anna must be very grateful for the family who rescued her and gave her another chance in life. In return, she became a surrogate mother to newborn kids whose mom died. 

“They follow her around,” Michelle said. “If they separate, she starts yelling, and they come over to her.”

“She’s unbelievably sweet now — and spoiled,” she added.

Source: Los Angeles Times