Father And Son’s Emotional Reunion After Dad Comes Home From Hospital [Video]

  • During the coronavirus quarantine, Johnnie Clark and his son Syon bonded over music.
  • When Johnnie was hospitalized for a serious infection, Shyon continued playing the gospel music that they have been learning to keep his spirits up.
  • Midway through “Deliver Me” by Le’Andria Johnson, Shyon stopped and cried in relief and joy as his Dad came home from the hospital.

Mutual love of music is Johnnie Clark and his 12-year-old son Shyon’s bond.  It was also in the middle of playing one, that Shyon was reunited with his dad.

Learning new songs and practicing their music was the Clark family’s activity during COVID-19 quarantine.

Shyon has been playing the piano since he was 4, and loves using the organ at church.  He dreams of becoming a professional musician.  That is why when his dad gave him an organ last March, he jumped for joy.

Shyon said, “I was so excited that my dad got me a brand-new organ that I could call my own. I knew that I would be able to spend more time with him and we could vibe with each other.”

Photo Credit: @johnnie_clarks (Instagram)

But Johnnie developed a serious infection last September which got him in the hospital. To keep his spirits up, Shyon practiced all the gospel songs that they have been learning together. “It made me extremely sad because I couldn’t see him and we weren’t able to be together. But I continued to play the organ by myself because I didn’t want to forget the songs he taught me.”

When it was time for his Dad to come home, Shyon celebrated by playing a special song that reminded him of his dad, “Deliver Me” by Le’Andria Johnson.

Photo Credit: @johnnie_clarks (Instagram)

Halfway through the song, he could not help but tear up. “I thought I was never going to see my dad again, but he was ‘delivered,’” Shyon explained later. “So I just let it all out and I couldn’t hold my tears back.”

The touching reunion was caught on video that has gone viral.  It captured their tears of joy and relief and at the same time warmed other people’s hearts.

Music has indeed moved through Shyon and Johnnie’s life. 

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