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FedEx Driver Shares Adorable Dog Encounters [Video]



  • Chris the FedEx Driver calls himself the “CEO of Delivering Dog Treats,” since he encounters a lot of dogs along his route.
  • He meets dogs of all sizes on the job, and he shares his encounters on social media.
  • His videos are so heartwarming that he now has 1.2 million followers!

When asked why he loves his job, Chris the FedEx driver has a simple answer: dogs. Chris “The Dog Guy” meets all kinds of dogs along his delivery route. Most times he ends up making new friends!

Chris, who calls himself the “CEO of Delivering Dog Treats,” shares his adorable encounters with dogs of all sizes, earning him over 1.2 million followers on TikTok.

Take a look at some of his heartwarming videos.

1. He has become so familiar with many dogs that he gets to see how much they grow.

2. Some dogs are so happy to see him!

3. Sometimes a dog would meet him halfway.

4. Still, he gets to meet even more new friends along the way!

5. This unexpected encounter with this sweet doggo has become one of his favorites.


6. Chris meets all kinds of dogs, and he loves them all no matter what breed or reputation they may have.

7. He even met a Newfoundland, and Chris is convinced he’s “part black bear” .

8. While he still maintains caution when he meets one for the first time, he always hopes they’re a “nice doggo.”

9. Since not all dogs are friendly or used to strangers, Chris advises everyone to remain calm in this situation instead of running away.

10. He learned that most of the dogs who keep barking turn out to be “all talk.”

11. He has even learned each dog’s personality. Some run up to him while some prefer waiting for him.


12. This shy boy is “one of the goodest boys ever.”

13. This guy was waiting by his truck and walked up to him for pets.


Is he a Golden, a Yellow Lab, or a mix breed? What’s your favorite breeds? #LoveMeMode #fyp #dogsoftiktok #foryou #fedexdogguy ♬ original sound – Christhedogguy

14. He certainly has the best way to end a work day!

15. Chris shows everyone why his job has the best perks.

Chris’s positive attitude and kindness towards all dogs definitely earned him his popularity.

You can see more of the dogs that Chris meets by checking out his TikTok page.

Source: Inspire More