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Florida Teacher Turns into “Luggage Angel” During Airport Travel Chaos [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • Brittany Loubier-Vervisch, a Tampa teacher, turned a chaotic situation at the airport into an opportunity to help others, earning her the nickname “Luggage Angel”.
  • Faced with piles of misplaced luggage, Brittany began texting owners whose numbers were on the tags, alerting them to the location of their bags – she sent between 70 and 80 text messages in total.
  • Brittany’s actions were appreciated by many weary travelers, highlighting the positive impact small acts of kindness can have even in stressful situations.

Brittany Loubier-Vervisch, a teacher from Tampa, Florida, turned a chaotic situation into an opportunity to help others during a recent bout of travel upheaval.

After finding herself amidst a sea of misplaced luggage at the airport, Brittany decided to become part of the solution, earning herself the well-deserved nickname of the “Luggage Angel.”

Brittany and her husband were just two among many passengers desperately trying to locate their lost luggage.

As her husband approached the Southwest Airlines’ customer-service counter, Brittany took a creative and altruistic approach to the challenge.

“I got there and was like, ‘Oh my God. Like, I’ve never seen anything like this,’” she recalled.


“Just piles and piles of luggage everywhere between the carousels, multiple rows of luggage.”

Her idea was simple but effective.

She started to look through the luggage tags for contact numbers and began texting the owners, alerting them about their bags’ location.

“I was circling through the baggage claims as stuff was coming off the line and being piled up and if there was a tag on it with a number, I sent a text,” she explained.

Brittany’s efforts did not go unnoticed.

Some passengers even mistook her for an airport employee due to her dedicated involvement.


“I was like walking through the bags, I was like, ‘Oh, here’s your bags. Is this your name?’ And they were like, ‘Yes,’ I’m like, ‘Oh, here’s your other bags.’ And they were like, ‘Do you work here?’”

In the end, Brittany sent between 70 and 80 text messages, giving relief and joy to numerous weary travelers.

Taira Meadow, one of the recipients, expressed her gratitude on Twitter, saying, “Thank you to the random stranger who texted me that my suitcase was in fact in Tampa. You are a life saver!”

Despite the pandemonium, Brittany did manage to find her own luggage.


But more importantly, she earned the gratitude and admiration of many travelers, as well as a new title — the “Luggage Angel”.

Reflecting on her actions, Brittany stated, “I mean, I’m happy to help people whenever I can. It’s something that I put a lot of value on in my own life.”

Brittany’s story proves that it’s possible to find humanity and kindness, even in the most stressful and chaotic situations.

In a moment of disruption and worry, she was a beacon of goodwill, proving that a small gesture can make a significant difference to many.