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Former NY Banker And Canine Lover Will Tour The Country To Give Dogs Free Grooming!



  • Brian Taylor is a former banker but his love for dogs is unparalleled. 
  • So he put up a grooming business but unfortunately closed when COVID-19 came.
  • Still he offered services through his mobile grooming van, and does it for free to those who can’t afford.

Brian Taylor is a former banker who owns and manages the Harlem Doggie Day Spa in New York City. Unfortunately, his business was one of the many other businesses that the threats of COVID-19 pandemic had declined drastically if not totally shut down.

“I went from seeing 400 to 500 dogs a month now down to about less than half of that,” Brian said. “Most of my clients aren’t traveling and are working from home.”

Photo Credit: @harlemdoggiedayspa (Instagram)

Amidst the crisis, Brian closed his shop and continued to care for dogs through his mobile grooming van. Eventually, he realized his regular customers were no longer able to afford his professional services, so he decided to do it for free 2-3 times a month to help them out.

“Owners want their dog to smell good,” he said. “Dogs are such a big part of our life. Especially when you can’t find happiness from people.”

Photo Credit: @harlemdoggiedayspa (Instagram)

He then started the Pandemic Pup Relief Fund and his clients started donating so that other dog lovers like them who are going through financial difficulty, can still have their dogs taken cared for. 

“They’ll say, ‘I know other people who can’t afford it — here’s $50,” Brian said.

Photo Credit: @harlemdoggiedayspa (Instagram)

Brian was able to raise  $2,000 and has groomed 12 dogs for free! With that he is now well known as “The Dogfather of Harlem” who goes above and beyond for canine friends. 

“The name is self-proclaimed,” he said. “Anything related to dogs in Harlem and New York, I’ve always been involved, or my business has supported it.”

Photo Credit: @harlemdoggiedayspa (Instagram)

Now, he is planning to extend the service throughout the US in an eight-day road trip across the country from New York City to Los Angeles. He plans to do this in July and he will be grooming pets in major cities for free. 

“We are going to stop and groom dogs at no cost,” Brian said. “You have to show people how passionate you are. It just feels good.”

May you be blessed more Brian! Thank you for your big heart!

Source: Inspire More