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Four-year-old Collects Christmas Gifts for Deprived Kids After Having A Bad Dream



  • Pippa Jackson, 4, had a dream one night of kids going without a present on Christmas. 
  • When she woke up, she decided to do something about it and set out to create 200 packages filled with presents for them. 
  • With her mom’s help and the support of other people who donated for her wonderful cause, her initiative is kicking off successfully.

When Pippa Jackson woke up from a bad dream about other children who would be missing out a lot these coming holidays, she immediately decided to do something for them. 

The 4-year-old cute little girl from St. Austell, Conwall, England, has such a big heart she challenged herself to make 200 care packages for children who are less fortunate. Every pack includes colored pencils, scarf, hat, gloves, toys, and a gift. 

Photo Credit: SWNS

Her mom, Kadie Jackson, helps her with her project, and so are other people who give her donations. 

“Pippa is currently making Christmas parcels, by receiving donations, and next week we’ll be making decorations as well,” Kadie, 23, said. “[The decorations] are to sell, and all the money that she raises will go towards buying presents for deprived children.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

The young mom of two is so proud of her little girl who, she confirmed, dreamt of children unable to receive gifts on Christmas, and decided to do something about it. 

“She’s very kind hearted, she has a golden heart,” she added. “She wants to help anyone in need, we’re going to go to some women’s shelters, orphanages, that sort of thing — anywhere we can to find children to help.”

Photo Credit: SWNS

The mother and daughter now busies themselves packing the presents from the donations they received which poured after people learned of Pippa’s wonderful cause. 

As Pippa said, their target is 200 packages and so they are working tirelessly to hit that. They also accept donations still to support the little kind act. 

That’s incredibly an amazing way to spend Christmas — by giving.

Source: Fox News